Rustybobn's Primo Draft Snake

Is the cold winter wind whistling underneath your front door? Want a quick, easy gift for someone? Make a draft snake! This snake is weighted on the bottom to keep it in place, but is fluffy, washable, and easy to move or store.

I made three of these for a Christmas gift after querying my DMIL for gift ideas. I won't get into the long painful story of how the males in this family are obsessed with saving money, and how they'll use anything convenient to chink cracks, regardless of it's contribution (or lack thereof) to the decor or any ambiance that we females are attempting to create.

Oh! Sorry...

These snakes are fast (about 30 minutes), cheap, and look a whole lot better than a line of socks!

OK. First things first. Repeat after me:

"This is only a draft snake!"


"This is only a draft snake!"

Good! Repeat as necessary throughout the process.

Assemble your materials:

Cut first piece Step 1: Cut the main piece about 10" by 45". I like to tear mine across the width of the fabric. Suit yourself--This is only a draft snake!
Cut tube piece Step 2: Cut or tear the tube for the poly pellets about 5" x 45"
Lay the tube piece on the main piece and stitch around Step 3: Position the tube piece onto the main piece wrong sides together. Place the tube piece about 1/2" from the long edge of the main piece so that the poly pellets will be on the bottom of the snake. The main seam will be on the side of the snake.
Stitch the tube in place

Step 4: Stitch the tube with a seam about 1/2" from the edge of the tube piece. Start at one edge, stitch down one side, round the bottom and up the other side so that you have only one open end.

Then, stitch the main seam down the side and around the bottom. Round the end if you like...


Turn the piece right side out

Step 5: Turn the piece right side out. You'll have a main body with an inner tube for the poly pellets.

Press it

Step 6: You can see the seamline for the inner tube.

Press it, if you're that kind of seamstress...


Reach inside and open the tube a little bit

Step 7: Reach inside and open the inner tube a little bit so that you can pour the pellets in.

Put in 1/3 bag of pellets

Step 8: Pour in about 1/3 of a bag of pellets. My bags are the 2 lb size and are found in most any store that sells craft materials.

Stitch inner tube closed now!

Step 9: Immediately, and with urgency, before the cat or a child gets there to help, stitch the end of the inner tube closed. (Don't stitch the whole thing shut, just the inner tube!)

Stuff it with poly fill

Step 10: Lay the piece out along your ironing board or a table and distribute the poly pellets evenly along the inner tube. This makes it easier to stuff in the poly fill. Use a long yard stick or pool cue, or whatever you've got to help get the stuffing all the way to the end of the snake.

If you only have a metal yardstick for this step, be careful not to tear the fabric.

...sob...This is only a draft snake

Stuff it completely

Step 11: When you've got it stuffed completely, it will be a little lumpy. Massage it until you're happy with the shape of your snake.

This is only a draft snake...

Pin the end into the desired shape.

Step 12: Shift the batting away from the end and pin closed. If you like the rounded end, pin it into that shape--or to whatever shape you want.

Stitch it closed

Step 13: Using a 1/8" seam, stitch the end closed. Don't worry if it isn't perfect--This is only a draft snake...

It'll be lovely, really it will!

Step 14: Massage the poly fill into the stitched end.

Put it in place!

Step 15: Try it out in front of your door.

This is a primo draft snake!